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For clients, we have what you want: top industry talents. We help you find the candidates that meet your critical industry specific requirements and unique company culture. Instead of servicing your account through multiple vendors, WAFT-AGE is a one-stop shop so you do not have to deal with multiple vendors when it comes to your Human Capital needs.


We, at WAFT-AGE, work on the approaches mentioned below to get the right candidates for our clients.

  • Head Hunting: We, at WAFT-AGE, go beyond the job portals and resume database. This is because; we firmly believe that the active job seekers are just a small percentage of the total talent pool. We are always head hunting below the surface.
  • Referral Generation: We have a vast network of relationships in the world of workforce that helps us in generating effective referrals. We are relationship oriented organization; and with us, candidates are comfortable with first names and a cup of coffee over the phone and in-person.
  • Tie Ups and associations: This ensures that the right kind of candidate can be tapped at the early stage so that the pool of people to be picked is fresh and untapped.
  • Advertisement: Various advertising means, both print and electronic, are also a part of our search for the right candidates.

Manpower Rationalization (The Outsource)

In the fast changing global corporate scenario the rationalization of organizational structure is now reigning supreme. And outsourcing has emerged to be a leading trend to facilitate this. Outsourcing reduces business operating costs. “For Microsoft, outsourcing has been a way to temper the expansion of our work force & reduce management overhead. I hope this keeps us from growing big in the wrong areas and becoming ineffective through too much overhead- Bill Gates on outsourcing. We vouch for Manpower rationalization and have established ourselves as a confident player in all domains. We leverage the importance of effectiveness and offer the same to others, especially when it comes to Manpower Rationalization. The reasons are obvious: Better Resource Utilization: It helps the companies focus on the area of their core competence. Thus the resources are utilized more efficiently without being diverted into other support activities. Cost Saving: This means there is a sizeable saving in terms of cost. Companies are clearly finding that many more jobs can be done by others, better, more efficiently and even at a lower cost. Dell, Cisco and Nortel are familiar role models of how to use outsourcing to generate huge cost savings and also serve customers better. Organizational efficiency: Facilitates and supports major organization change. Business Innovation: Improving and innovating in processes, skills and technology, while mediating financial risk through the vendor. New market: Direct profit is generated through joint ventures and vendor partners. And, there is no doubt that more and more corporate majors are taking recourse to outsourcing as a means to bring in efficiency and economy in terms of size and operation. So why not you?

Promotional products

There are various marketing strategies to promote a brand. Promotion is better than advertising, for all, from a small business to a larger one. Product promotions which will let you not only to promote about yourself but will also show a kind gesture of yours towards your customers.

We adopt various ways to promote a brand as per our clients’ requirements:

  • We promote a brand in trade shows, retail, shopping malls, fair and business exhibition by giving away customized promotional products.
  • We distribute pamphlets, and brochures to people.
  • We promote in various schools and educational institution by giving away gift items with your logo.
  • We also gift apparel with client brand name on it to our promoter and they would be walking billboard for client company promotion.
  • In malls and multiplexes you can handout very affordable promotional products such as pens, mobile stand, key chains etc.
  • We personally hand out the promotional giveaways to potential prospects and this will also provide us with an opportunity to interact with the people and further collect their contact information. Also ask them to fill in a lead form before we hand them the giveaway.

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