• Our Process

Our Practices- The systematic Processes

Our processes are well defined and systematic:
  • CV Validation - Each resumé is validated on the basis of education, quality of experience & Job Changes Index(JCI), roles & responsibilities handled, skills, domain knowledge to identity key skills & strengths that may interest you.
  • Telephonic & Personal meeting - Understand the profile better in terms of skills, quality of experience, personality etc., understand and counsel on career choices and preferences etc.
  • We try and assess if the CV is an appropriate representation of the candidate and 99% matching with the client’s desired profile/s.
  • Preparing a "skill profile", "resource summary" for our database and compute skill transportability index, resource transportability index and employability index.
  • Matching the profiles against your requirements and comparing the indices against your standards.
  • Conveying/explaining the client’s requirements to candidate/s, assessing their level of interest in terms of position, salary and posting location and checking if they have interviewed before for the current position.
  • Understanding and setting their expectations in terms of salary before referring them to you.
  • Coordinating interviews, pre & post-interview follow-up, and counseling.
  • Continuous engagement of the candidate till they join your company. In cases where the candidates reject your offer, provide information on the reasons.
  • Facilitating salary negotiation and reference checks.
  • Candidates follow up post joining.

Our Database

We have a system of assimilating information from various sources to build our Knowledge-base. Our database of prospective & promising employees runs into over 50,000 specialists in Marketing, Engineering, Accounts and HR, Telecom, Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Travels and IT fields. In addition, we also have access to over 20,00,000 (20 Lakhs) live and active resumes on various Job

Portals. We can search our database meeting the defined role, experience; industry and salary range to cherry pick the candidates that meet our clients’ needs. For us, monitoring and evaluation of the market and the opportunities is a systematic and a continuous exercise.

Our Clients

We have a long list of esteemed clients from varied industries and Verticals, client testimonials shall be provided on request.


We value the need for confidentiality by both our clients and the candidates. We handle all assignments with the highest level of confidentiality. All our Associates / Employees are appropriately trained to ensure this.

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